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NovelLet Me Game in PeaceLet Me Game in Peace
The Tigress
Chapter 1191 – Six Realms arm shivering
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An Sheng nodded a little. “Although that’s the way it is, as there are 6 walkways, it’s very likely that there is a taboo power that matches the 6 realms of rebirth and lifestyle. We need to be skeptical of that. In addition, we don’t know which door Madam plus the others entered. As we try them one at a time, it should waste materials a long time.”
Zhou Wen measured within the 6 entrances and reported, “In concept, joining the Mortal Realm entrance is naturally the most normal preference.”
In the same way Zhou Wen was about to adhere to him in, he out of the blue believed a pressure taking at his clothes, drawing him to the other part.
Zhou Wen acquired read several ghost reports from his grandpa because he was youthful. Many of them have been regarding the Netherworld.
Zhou Wen possessed read quite a few ghost stories from his grandfather considering the fact that he was younger. Some of them were definitely regarding the Netherworld.
No matter which tale it had been, one should certainly see some renowned eminences in addition to a ghost city after crossing the Connection of Helplessness. However, the scene Zhou Wen discovered as he stood over the Link of Helplessness was somewhat different from what he acquired thought.
Finding Zhou Wen move in excess of, An Sheng stated, “These six gateways ought to be the impressive 6 Realms of Rebirth. Icon has it that ghosts will reincarnate once they type in, however it doesn’t say what will come about when existing men and women type in.”
“Young Excel at Wen, let us get in as well.” When An Sheng noticed that the Tianzuo acquired vanished, he identified as to Zhou Wen and immediately rushed throughout the Asura Realm’s entrance.
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At the first try Zhou Wen visited her location to try to eat, she acquired hoodwinked her child. Zhou Wen was truly alarmed in those days.
As Zhou Wen was about to follow him in, he suddenly observed a compel taking at his garments, pulling him on the opposite side.
“What will you be engaging in?” Zhou Wen required the antelope.
No matter which icon it was actually, an individual can see some legendary eminences as well as a ghost metropolis after spanning the Connect of Helplessness. Nonetheless, the picture Zhou Wen observed when he stood on the Bridge of Helplessness was somewhat distinct from what he possessed dreamed of.
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“Since she knows that there is risk and understands that you will definitely come to preserve her, she will speculate that An Tianzuo will believe that she joined the Asura Realm. If she goes in the Asura Kingdom, it is most likely that you really will encounter the exact same hazard. What is your opinion she would pick?” the antelope mentioned.
On the opposite side from the Fill of Helplessness, there are only six significant entry doors. In it had been the words “Devas Kingdom,” “Asura World,” “h.e.l.l World,” “Hungry Ghost Kingdom,” “Animal Kingdom,” and “Human Realm.”
“Why?” Zhou Wen was baffled.
An Tianzuo claimed without converting his go, “That’s because she doesn’t have a very good effect of factors along with the figure ‘tian’ after seeing an individual conflict
He experienced observed an abundance of reports about Yama’s Hall, Lord Yama, the judges, and small ghosts, etcetera. In Zhou Wen’s effect, he could well be at Fengdu Area after spanning the Connection of Helplessness.
“Ah Sheng, you are perfect. With her character, she almost certainly select the Asura World. On top of that, she can only opt for the Asura Realm,” An Tianzuo reported as he walked on the front door on the Asura Realm.
“What form of area is the Asura Realm in stories?” Zhou Wen only knew the label of six realms, so he didn’t comprehend it in depth.
Fengdu Metropolis was the legendary Ghost Location. Story possessed it that the ten Yama Kings resided in Fengdu Town.
An Sheng investigated the entrances and stated, “I suspect it could be the Monster Realm. Madam is somebody that enjoys beauty, so it’s extremely hard on her behalf to possess any want of becoming another creature. The Starving Ghost Kingdom along with the h.e.l.l Realm are collectively named the Three Evils using the Monster World. They aren’t fantastic prospects often. I think the chances of Madam selecting them aren’t higher. The remaining Devas World and Asura Kingdom are considered achievable. Generally, standard persons would pick the Heaven Realm that legends foretell very good lot of money, although with Madam’s character, she could also select the Asura Realm.”
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Furthermore, when Zhou Wen hadn’t been around, An Sheng were in command of looking after them. Using An Sheng’s meticulousness, how could he not uncover the strangeness from the antelope?
An Tianzuo mentioned without changing his go, “That’s because she doesn’t have a great impact of things with all the figure ‘tian’ after seeing a particular conflict
“Why?” An Sheng inquired in puzzlement.
He obtained observed lots of accounts about Yama’s Hallway, Lord Yama, the judges, and tiny ghosts, etcetera. In Zhou Wen’s impact, he can be at Fengdu Metropolis after traversing the Connection of Helplessness.
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“What type of location is the Asura World in stories?” Zhou Wen only realized the title of six realms, so he didn’t comprehend it in detail.
“Why?” Zhou Wen was baffled.
“Ah Sheng, you are correct. Together identity, she almost certainly select the Asura World. Furthermore, she can only find the Asura Realm,” An Tianzuo claimed while he walked towards home of your Asura Kingdom.
Zhou Wen thinking for just a moment and observed that what An Sheng said built feel. From your looks of this, Ouyang Lan was indeed an unstable man or woman.
On the opposite side from the Connect of Helplessness, there had been only six significant entrances. About them were the words “Devas Kingdom,” “Asura Kingdom,” “h.e.l.l Kingdom,” “Hungry Ghost Realm,” “Animal World,” and “Human World.”

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