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Let Me Game in Peace

NovelLet Me Game in PeaceLet Me Game in Peace
Chapter 1314 – Thoughts baseball wholesale
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“His hearing hasn’t healed however. He wishes to remain another 2 to 3 additional days,” Zhang Chunqiu answered.
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“I do would like for you to vacation a few more days…” Zhang Chunqiu acquired no decision but to recurring themselves.
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Nonetheless, for some reason, the landscape of a young girl curled up within the darkness surfaced in Zhou Wen’s thoughts. He could even hear her trembling and heartbreaking sound.
“Don’t you think that the weather both of these time continues to be much colder?” Zhang Chunqiu didn’t respond to directly.
In the event the Eldest Uncle Zhang bought Zhang Xiao to run after Zhou Wen away, Zhang Xiao hesitated for a second before indicating, “Uncle, I do believe Zhou Wen really just hopes to retrieve his seeing and hearing before abandoning. It probably has not a thing to do with our Zhang family members.”
Nevertheless, for whatever reason, Zhou Wen could perceive Zhang Yuzhi’s opinions a second back, but he couldn’t listen to anything now. He tried using, but he couldn’t notice Zhang Chunqiu as well as the others’ thought processes. It designed Zhou Wen suspect that his opinion was ideal. Possibly it had been really an sense.
“Sorry, we bad Yuzhi. She’s slightly willful, but she doesn’t possess any sick purposes. Do not blame her,” Zhang Chunqiu said to Zhou Wen.
Zhang Xiao considered Zhou Wen’s backyard, but he didn’t dare really go. All he could do was return and notify his seniors Zhang Chunqiu’s words and phrases.
Right then, Zhang Yuzhi experienced completed performing. She opened her eyes as well as the landscape in the female in Zhou Wen’s head vanished as if every little thing was just a fantasy.
The little gal appeared as tears flowed down her facial area. She appeared ahead and looking at her, there had been a sliver of light-weight on the darkness.
“I’ll move you out,” Zhang Chunqiu explained.
“How will we obtain that? The same day after tomorrow is…” Zhang Xiao halted discussing.
“I’ll walk you out,” Zhang Chunqiu said.
Oddly plenty of, he do hear Zhang Yuzhi’s speech. Also, he read it very clearly and wasn’t affected by the ocean of noise. Having said that, he couldn’t keep in mind what she had sung. All he could try to remember was the scene and speech in the young girl.
“Since the heavens previously headed me just to walk within the darkness… I’ll exchange for everyone’s gentle using the darkness I go through alone… This is exactly what I deserve… Each will address me as being a friend… They might rather perish than let me go through any harm… However, I brought on their deaths… A real filthy me… I am not deserving of adopting the light… Zhang Yuzhi… You deserve death… What’s there to get afraid of?”
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“What? You might eliminate your temper? I really have anything on. I can’t be for too long. I will only vacation for 3 days at most of the, not any longer…” As Zhou Wen spoke, he dragged Zhang Chunqiu out. While he went, he explained,” I never envisioned someone to be so hospitable. When I experienced identified this might occur, I would have come your way often in the past… You’re really too nice…”
“How could we have that? The morning after the future is…” Zhang Xiao stopped talking.
“I do want that you can continue to be a few more days, but Yuzhi declared that she doesn’t wish to see you. When she notices you once again, she is going to definitely shed her temper,” Zhang Chunqiu claimed.
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When it had been in past times, Zhou Wen wouldn’t have had any negative opinions. He would have felt that this topic was more than. Even so, as he recalled the arena on the woman he possessed observed, he sensed that a little something was amiss.
The Zhang family’s seniors were actually also anxious. If it were definitely a typical guy, the Zhang family could chase them away, nevertheless the individual surviving in the Zhang friends and family house was Zhou Wen.
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Nonetheless, for reasons unknown, Zhou Wen could listen to Zhang Yuzhi’s feelings a minute back, but he couldn’t discover anything now. He tried using, but he couldn’t discover Zhang Chunqiu along with the others’ thought processes. It created Zhou Wen believe that his judgment was perfect. Maybe it was really an impression.
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“Sorry, we bad Yuzhi. She’s just a little willful, but she doesn’t have unwell intentions. Don’t fault her,” Zhang Chunqiu believed to Zhou Wen.
“What did you say?” Zhou Wen didn’t perceive Zhang Chunqiu.
“It’s okay. Just neglect him,” Zhang Chunqiu stated.
At that moment, Zhang Yuzhi got completed singing. She established her eye plus the scenario of the young lady in Zhou Wen’s intellect vanished like every little thing was just a fantasy.
“What do you say?” Zhou Wen didn’t discover Zhang Chunqiu.
Nevertheless, for whatever reason, the scene of an little girl curled up on the darkness surfaced in Zhou Wen’s mind. He could even listen to her trembling and heartbreaking sound.
“Sorry, we spoiled Yuzhi. She’s a bit willful, but she doesn’t possess unwell motives. Never pin the blame on her,” Zhang Chunqiu believed to Zhou Wen.
“His listening to hasn’t healed yet still. He wishes to vacation another two to three far more days and nights,” Zhang Chunqiu answered.
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“No, I’m saying that Yuzhi doesn’t need to see you. If she sees that you haven’t eventually left, she will get rid of her temper again…” Zhang Chunqiu reported.
“Since the heavens have previously headed me simply to walk within the darkness… I’ll exchange for everyone’s lightweight utilizing the darkness I undergo alone… This is just what I deserve… Each of them address me to be a friend… They will rather die than let me suffer from any harm… However, I created their deaths… This sort of filthy me… I am not worthy of embracing the light… Zhang Yuzhi… You ought to have death… What’s there to become frightened of?”
“How’s my vocal singing?” Zhang Yuzhi requested Zhou Wen.
“My ability to hear hasn’t completely healed. Could you let me rest for two more days and nights? I’ll depart after I recover.” Zhou Wen expected Zhang Chunqiu.
Zhou Wen hesitated for a moment before requesting Zhang Chunqiu, “Is the Fiend Tomb really fine?”

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